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  1. It’s Wednesday and I’m scared

    I feel like that too. I'm going to participate in the walkout too, but it's nerve-wracking for more reasons than just my teacher's reactions. (Also, I thought the walkout was a nationwide thing)
  2. Do the horoscopes remind anyone else of Welcome To Nightvale tweets?

    1. justaddbooks


      Oh sorry I didn't meant do this twice! Still figuring out status stuff.

  3. Do the horoscopes remind anyone else of Welcome To Nightvale tweets?

    1. drowntown


      OH WORM???

  4. intro things :D

    @Apollo's Lover Yay book club! I got Language Of Thorns from the library a few weeks ago and I'm excited to read it! It sounds really good and the art so beautiful. @catasterism I think Six Of Crows fleshes out the characters a lot more than Grisha trilogy and it's really nice to see. There's so much more diversity and it's just- aah it's so great. (And even though it only has about a second of exposition, the world building is still so intricate and wonderful like in the Grisha trilogy.)
  5. intro things :D

    @queenie_flower Yes yes yes that would be so cool @short comedian Thank you!
  6. Overheard Quotes

    "Your work was good, but it helps if you don't do it at 2 in the morning!" ---------- My Cousin: I don't like Fox News. My Aunt: Why? My Cousin: There aren't any foxes. It's very disappointing. I give it zero stars. ---------- "I don't f*cking swear!"
  7. on an empty stomach

    This line is so good and you did such an amazing job! (Also um hi this is Bibliophile from the CB)
  8. intro things :D

    Hi! I'm new to the slam and I like books (probably a bit obvious), writing (also obvious), musicals and I'm getting into fiction podcasts. I use she/her pronouns and also Six of Crows is so good!