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  1. The thunder broke when her voice rang out over the waves. It split in to a thousand shattered pieces that fell away into the ocean, where the they lay in the waves that lapped, pulling them into the deep, dark depths to hold them close. She wished to hold them close, instead, she wept. She cried until the sea was filled with sound. The water swam silver with fragments of lightening that had broken and caught in the rumbling that had drifted into the waves. She wished to swim in it, the water shot through with silver and sound. She walked to the edge of the cliff, her steps leading her out over it’s edge but still she walked. Out into the s k y where her voice no longer shattered the thunder, but broke it about her aching body. The sea beneath her held the remnants of a storm she had scattered in her fury and sadness, and as the thunder broke around her, it’s anger began to shatter her furthermore. She fell in to a thousand shattered pieces, the pieces falling into the sea, until there was n o t h i n g…