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  1. what am i looking for

    When I get out of bed I ache to feel comfortable again But when I lay and soak in my thoughts I just want to get up What if I never find comfort? Is that why we as humans work so hard and travel so far We experience highs and lows Yet it is only on our death bed When our eyes relax and our bodies go numb Because we stop trying to find what cannot be found I want to be touched and to experience But I don’t know where the line of innocence lies I’m not ready to cross it Is it defined by me, or others? I stopped writing for a while I just want to fall in love with words again And just plain fall in love Maybe I don’t feel sympathy for those with nothing Thinking about their situation doesn’t make me feel spoiled Because I know If instead of nothing they, like me, had something they would be complaining just like I am now that is why people with nothing are the happiest because they don’t know what they don’t have and any something is far better than nothing at all
  2. mirror day

    Reflection hall Is an idea I have become quite fond of One that I store in my most sacred of lockets And bring out to examine with only clean hands Callused from picking haunting melodies One day out of the year Each person will tie a mirror to their head, I crave to know how I look When I laugh A pose and a flash don’t compare Even looking at yourself in mirror isn’t the same Because you brace yourself You puff out your chest, lick your lips, and pinch your cheeks Just to store an image for later of reassurance Pretty enough she asks Sometimes we stare blankly For the sole purpose of comparison How disappointing That while we think of them They think of us What happens when an optimist is concocted with a cynic? Lenses of realism Pretty is importance Pretty girls get more Maybe I want mirror day So I know what I look like when I’m disappointed Because I will be When I know that the mirror is only reflecting what I envision Instead of letting me see how others view me How others view themselves Never confuse a mirror with a looking glass Mirrors are very honest It is the person in the reflection that is dishonest Mirrors aren’t kind or unkind Mirrors don’t have souls Yet they can hurt or heal us so easily I could power a city with a mirror Reflection hall is a placid place When there isn’t anyone to fill it
  3. forks and knives

    please feel free to leave your thoughts below! thanks! Forks and Knives My pencil dropped on the hour The soft aglow voices filled my lungs I took the steps two by two As I did the biscuits and the butter But what was better The food Or something to hold instead of regret He had told me years ago it was her turn I didn’t listen, she wouldn’t dare She wouldn’t dare Like wet soap easing its way from my fingers Happily leading the way There she was I could smell her thick deep scent Perfume and Cigarettes It used to fill the car and would linger even with the windows cracked I shuddered from the distant memory that had somehow repapered More perfume to hide the cigarettes More cigarettes to hide the loneliness What is it like to hide form yourself I pondered I turned around and walked away My plate still in my hands I passed the farm The swarm that smiled and waved The zoo that was being lied too You are not mine and I am not yours I wanted to say You lost what you could never have I turned around and walked away From the Lancôme and Calvin Klein The world I had forgotten, with cards in hand I escaped Later I thought about all the nightmares I could have had if I stayed If I took two more steps If I smiled graciously and lied again For old time’s sake
  4. pocket knife

    This is amazing work! I love this line in particular and the use of "roar".
  5. tornado warning

    please feel free to leave your thoughts below! thanks! When the sky dreams up tears applauds the failures on your feet with my umbrella at the stained brick wall where we always meet Three hours to limelight if only the skies were still yellow lemony sweet laying pictures on my pillow I spend so much time trying to hold the flame in my palms are you as cold as i am? skipping stones on the bottom of the ocean You can see the stars but they don't search for you your picture is worth less than a thousand words white with envy a politician's promise your perfection is perception i'm not fooled
  6. worth

    please feel free to leave your thoughts below! thanks! is it worth going and running out of words for the smallest chance you might find a person and a place where you don't have to say anything at all
  7. want

    please feel free to leave your thoughts below! thanks! sometimes i get thirsty when it rains i believe that when you are able to see something right in front of you so close to the touch and the taste you only want it that much more
  8. the villain

    please feel free to leave your thoughts below! thanks! yes, she was crazy one might go as far as to cast her as the villain in the story story of my life but here are the things she did right: she challenged me she taught me to think for myself she taught me not to surrender your power with ease and she loved me as fiercely and passionately as she knew how
  9. my parasite

    please feel free to leave constructive criticism. thanks!
  10. my parasite

    i am living with a parasite a leech with her sharp teeth she gnaws stripping me of my flesh layers of protection reaching my core she knows of nothing else, no other purpose she drains me of my patience like she drains my father's bank account
  11. my voice

    It feels good to find your voice It is discovering something you forgot you had right when you need it most It is opening your mouth and having faith in what will come out
  12. i want to be a gardenia in a clear box to float atop honey and fragrance perfume of the young petals of the unexpressed how long does innocence last? how long should it?
  13. nothing worthwhile ever ends perfectly for if it is truly good i wish it would never end