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  1. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite food?

    1. Tomato 2. Undecided
  2. New flash fiction competition!

    HEY PALS, there's still time to enter the flash fiction competition. Not only does the winner get published in our March/April issue, but they also win some sweet sweet pocket money. More info here!
  3. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite food?

    No, there are only two options. I don't make the rules.
  4. Week of 2/19: CICADA-scope

    We never throw shade. We walk over and hand it nicely to the recipient like proper gentlefolk.
  5. Weekly Poll: What's your favorite food?
  6. Your weekly CICADA-scope!

    Everyone except Leos should check out this week's CICADA-scope.
  7. Week of 2/19: CICADA-scope

    Aries: The stars are sort of wondering why you take so long to respond to their texts. Taurus: Your lucky color this week can only be perceived by the mantis shrimp and its name cannot be pronounced by human tongues. Gemini: An opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream will fall right into your lap this week, assuming your lifelong dream is to have a wasp nest on your lap. Cancer: Remember: all you need is love. Not oxygen, not water, not food, not teeth, not bones, not blood. Only love. Leo: They're here. Virgo: Try on a new state of matter for size—plasma, anyone? Libra: There's nothing waiting under your bed to grab your ankles. No need to vault into bed from three feet away at night. There's nothing there. Absolutely nothing. No reason to be nervous. Walk slowly. Don't worry. Climb into bed at your leisure. You're... absolutely... safe. Scorpio: It might be time to explore a career path that doesn't depend so heavily on your longship-building skills and the expeditious invention of time travel. Sagittarius: Live. Laugh. Love. Burrow. Consume. Grow. Ascend. Molt. Scream. Capricorn: It's time to do some soul-searching. Where has your soul gone? It could be anywhere. You probably should have looked for it sooner. Aquarius: Take a good hard look at your love life this week. You may want to invest in an electron microscope. Pisces: This week you will finally evolve into MegaPisces and receive +5 to your attack and +2 to your defense.
  8. Your weekly CICADA-scope!

    It's that time of week.
  9. Week of 2/12

    Aries: Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like you're not wearing red-hot iron slippers. Taurus: This Wednesday, Saturn will be performing its demi-annual axial hyper-descent into diminishing anterograde orbit, which means your auxiliary ninth anti-house will be on an osmotic interception course with Jupiter's sixth moon. Anyway, we hope that gives you a clear picture of your love life this week. Gemini: Be true to your heart—don't trade it for somebody else's heart, no matter how many Pokémon cards they throw in to sweeten the deal. Cancer: Like all water signs, you will soon have to complete your metamorphosis and join the great upstream water sign pilgrimage. Leo: You will experience a lot of growth this week. Three new fingers, to be precise. Virgo: Kiss a lot of frogs. You won't find your prince, but you will be able to brag about kissing more frogs than anybody else. Libra: Your lucky number this week is √(-1). Scorpio: "Bees," the stars have assured us. "Lots of bees." Sagittarius: It's a good time to revisit your roots. Go to the sea. Leave everything on the shore. Wade out far. Breathe water. Become simpler. Consume other unicellular organisms. Drift with the currents. Know the peace of a rudimentary nervous system. Capricorn: Every sign rules a body part, and Capricorn rules the skeleton. That means you have the celestial right to demand the other signs surrender their skeletons to you immediately. Aquarius: At this point, it's sort of rude that you haven't acknowledged the shadow creature that crouches at the foot of your bed every night. Pisces: The heavens would like to remind you that a bug has probably walked on you today.
  10. CICADA and WRITE THE WORLD Joint Competition: Monster Flash Fiction NOW OPEN! From the Dementors to the Dark Riders, Sasquatch to Cyclops, Frankenstein to Loch Ness, monsters have long occupied our storytelling traditions and haunted our imaginations. But what makes these mythical beasts so monstrously fascinating? Is it their otherworldly origins? Our innate fear of the unknown? Or the age-old good vs. evil theme they represent? This month, Write the World and CICADA invite you to submit a piece of monster-themed flash fiction to our joint competition. Drawing on the brevity of poetry and the story-arc of novels, flash fiction compresses the best parts of literature into half-pint packages. So come celebrate the art of tiny tales with us, dear writers, in monster form! Whether you write about fabled mountain creatures roaming snow-capped peaks, real-life monsters of the deep, a sympathetic monster hero, or metaphorical monsters of modern day, give us a new monster tale for our time—one that will endure for years to come. The winners will be featured on Write the World’s blog, and published in the March issue of Cicada online as well as on Writetheworld.com. Visit the official contest page for more info and rules! Key Dates February 12: Competition Opens February 19: Submit draft for Expert Review (Optional. We will review the first 100 drafts submitted.) February 23: Reviews returned to Writers February 27: Final Submissions Due March 9: Winners Announced
  11. New flash fiction competition!

    Psst—the contest is now officially OPEN! Head over to the official contest page for more details! The winners will be published in the March issue of CICADA and featured on Writetheworld.com.
  12. Weekly Poll: What's your fantasy RPG class?
  13. Some tips

    For our newer users—here's how you change stuff!
  14. Your weekly CICADA-scope!

    Don't plan your week without checking your horoscope!