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  1. The Music Begins

    The curtains open. Ten-year-old me sits in the audience, waiting for the eighth grade musical to commence. The music begins, then the singing. "Alice in Wonderland. How do you get to Wonderland?" And so on. The show continues. "Zippity-doo-dah, zippitty-ay. My, oh my what a wonderful day..." They only show a sample, but I come back for more that evening. "I want to do that," I say. A year later, the curtains open again. Eleven-year-old me is excited. This year is one of my favorite shows: Beauty and the Beast. The music begins again, then the singing. "Little town, it's a quiet village..." The singing, the dancing, the acting continue. "Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, Beauty and the Beast..." This year they show the whole thing; no need to come back for more. Another year later, the curtains open one more time, and, again, there I am, twelve now. The music starts, then the singing, as always. "Come find your baby... maybe..." Annie. The old classic which never gets old. The show continues, me watching as the ordinarily shy actress cast in the title role comes out of her shell entirely. The show goes on... "You're never fully dressed without a smile!" And now... it is the year of my show. Eighth grade. We're doing The Little Mermaid- not one of my favorites, and Ariel has the least personality of any Disney princess, but I've been waiting for this for years. I'm not quitting now. We prepare for auditions. I drive my family crazy practicing, and they tolerate me quite well. I audition, barely nervous, though I am the day the cast list is revealed. The girl with long, wavy, blond hair is cast as Ariel, as we all knew. I'm hoping for Ursula, but I don't have a chance. I do, however, apparently fit the description of the chef, who is named Louis, but my director renames me Louise. I refer to myself as Louis for the duration of the show, however. Once auditions are over, we get into the phase of nothing happening. Unless you're a lead, which I'm not, you are incredbly bored, which I am. Things don't pick up until the end, when my scene is blocked. I'm in the first song, of course, and I'm a member of a four-person sea creature chorus. Two of the other members have choreographed a dance for "Under the Sea". I'm a horrible dancer (I signed up to sing), but I enjoy it. Once we get in costume, the whole thing gets better. The director has brought a fork from home for Ariel to be fascinated with, and it's what I use to chase Sebastian. I manage to scare the actor playing Sebastian out of his wits, and I have fun chasing him around the stage. Finally, the performance. The curtains open. Thirteen-year-old me stands backstage. I'm missing a performance of Macbeth, in which I play the first witch, for this. After all this waiting, I'm not nearly as nervous or excited as I thought I would be. The music begins. "I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue..." I don't go on right away, and when I do I lie on my stomach with the other sea creatures, kicking my legs and tilting my head. We're front and center, but we're not the focus of the scene. That would be the prince and Ariel. My song doesn't come until page seventy of the script, but when it does, I shine. "Les poissons, les poissons, how I love les poissons! Love to CHOP and to serve leetle feesh." I do it in a really weird accent, since Chef Louis(e) is supposed to be French, and I let my bloodthirsty side show. Now, much later, I remember my every line (there were two) and my every lyric. And somewhere, the actor who played Sebastian is very, very afraid of me.
  2. Chocolate

    Dark It is bitter But light It is sweet Dark It is better But light It is nicer Dark It is mornings But light It is holidays Which Is more special? Neither Or both?
  3. The Spinner of Stories

    Beautiful, and a topic I enjoy quite a lot. Thank you for the words.
  4. The Spinner of Stories

    Beautiful, and a topic I enjoy quite a lot. Thank you for the words.
  5. Wander

    Am I here? Or am I there? This is the question I ask myself as I walk up to the front door. Selene has just asked me if I am here. I'm here. I'm not there. At least, I don't think I'm there. Am I there? This wouldn't be a difficult question to answer if I hadn't answered it wrongly before. I am often not where I think I am. My mind is here, sure, but my body? Who knows? Selene could be sitting in her flat with a probably human body on her floor, which is generally a situation to avoid. My mind has a problem. It wanders a lot. Not wanders as in, "Oh, I'm bored. What's for dinner tonight?" or the more likely variant of "Oh, I'm bored. Why can't there be more swordfights around here?", but wanders as in leaves the body and flies around. Only mentally, of course. I'm not just a brain floating around; that would be a bit weird. Though what I do is a bit weird too, I suppose. What makes it weirder is, I don't exactly know when my mind leaves, though i'm generally clued in when people don't respond to me. But I haven't talked to anyone since leaving Selene's flat. So I'm not sure, but if Selene is asking if I'm there, she must be asking my body, as I can still hear things said in the presence of my body, but I can't hold a cell phone. I wasn't called on a cell phone. Therefore, I must be there, rather than here. Meaning I have to get into Selene's flat and back into my body. Meaning I have to take control of a lift. Which I am still terribly bad at, despite practicing endlessly. However, today I am fortunate enough to not encounter any humans along my route, and there is no one to question the lift moving of its own accord. For whatever reason, when my mind wanders, no human can see me, yet I can still manipulate matter, such as buttons on a lift. Selene seems happy to see me back in my body, though that could just be happiness at not having a corpse on her floor. I stay a while; she appreciates my company. My mind doesn't wander once. Of course, that's just for now.