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  1. I think i am going to start posting that story. i just have to find my folder that has it haha

  2. Okay i think i basically have a handle on the site now. :05_cheese:

  3. also psst i need help

    bless you, thanks so much!
  4. Slippers and Static

    woah i really like this, it just felt so intense. 10/10
  5. also psst i need help

    so anyone wanna help me post a status because i have yet to figure that out any assistance would be appreciated lol
  6. debating a story idea

    so i wrote a short story my an English class once (its kind of based off of Goose Girl, if anyone is familiar with that) me professor said i should totally expand upon it but TBH i'm kind of debating if i should, because i am SO prone to writers block and then not finishing. i kind of want to start posting what i have now in the fiction forum and then continuing with it but i'm just urrrrrrgh i keep psyching myself out haha.
  7. intro things :D

    Hey guys, i'm a little late to really exploring the site but wow i love it! my name is Lillian and i am 18 years old, i've been off and on the slam for about 4 years now, i really enjoy writing but honestly i just am awful about making time for it however i am really trying to work on that this year. I am from a little town in Georgia, i am from a fairly large family (7 siblings, TBH it doesnt seem really big to me but i did grow up with that so i suppose im just biased) i am a total nerd, largely for random trivia and etymology, also i am in way too many fandoms for my own good. i love fairy tales and mythology and so much else. so yeah thats a little splurge about myself.
  8. intro things :D

    omg i love They Might Be Giants SOOOO much!! dont see too many poeple who are into them lol
  9. Some tips

    I did have one question though, what do the reputation points mean? I am not entirely sure what they represent or how they are gained..? Also the titles under the display names, Egg & Imago, what do those mean? lol just little things I was curious about.
  10. Some tips

    Ahhhh im so glad i found this, its helped so much! Tbh I've been on the slam off and on, mostly using it in bursts over the past few years. but i really like the new design, its so much easier for me to use. The only thing is i wish i could search old posts, i wanted to go and find everything i posted back in 2014 lol, its okay though i have found a few just by digging.
  11. stay away from me

    when i wrote this i intended the "stay away from me" to be the narrator was telling someone else to stay away.
  12. EDITOR'S PICK: don't listen to me

    throwback to when ii was editors pick.
  13. Teardrops (revised)

    My tears f a l l softly, trickling, d o w n my cheeks. Their colorless streaks, o u t l i n i n g my pain. The will to carry on, g r o w s shorter e a c h d a y. as i struggle, to find the strength, to wake up, to b r e a t h.
  14. Hidden inside my head

    I feel like this whole other person, radically different thoughts feelings and opinions than the person everybody knows me as. Sometimes it's really clear to me, there are so few that I trust. I don't want anyone to know what I don't want them to. I censor so much of what I say, hiding so much of what's inside my head.
  15. Things I wish I was brave enough to say.

    I wish I didn't love you as much as I do Wow I wish you'd just respond. Have you ever lied to me? Why did you not want me to ever post about you..? Were we ever really.. together? What am I to you? Like really? Do you really love me? Are you lying to me now.? How do I know that you're actually telling me the truth? I wish you'd just be open about our relationship I don't even know what we are I'm sorry I'm not enough