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  1. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    I thought about it but wasn't sure what to call it or who should name it. Do you guys have any suggestions? Should we leave as is? -Hydralio
  2. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    every sentence you speak hums against my throat: you still awake? Your voice is drowning out my thoughts, I would let you go if I could remember how And Even if I could sleep, every Dream sounds like your flower scented voice You say you dream of me, of butterbeer and scented candles. but I Know. You're just telling me cuz you Feel so Alone. And who would dream of blue skies when there are bright stars above them? Each star twinkling like the jewels on your diamond necklace. Each bone glittering, osteoblast gemstones, blood like red dye number eight tattooed over R#3 hued muscle but i will say to you: don't walk away. not now. For then I will see the jewels in your necklace were glass instead of stars and your bones mere calcium instead of gems and your eyes, love, were only as full of the universe as i wanted them to be Our goodbye was a slow burn The world turned out of my hands and swept you away in the wildfire And as I tried to cut the stars from your eyes, you cried out Would kisses rend you, tear heart-flesh from rib-cage? Oh, our sweet, Sweet vanity. Wearing your presence like rubies, garnets, our love was a fire opal. We are rough and jagged, uncut diamonds scratching once smooth skin. the good ones, despite jarring metaphor, step back with 'are you sure?' but you, you were a good one in how you stepped forward and up, to reach the top of the pedestal you placed me on and the pedestal i made for you fell to earth along with he sky, with the stars, as you wept and those fiery comets dripped out with your tears the shattered pieces are a stronger monument to Pain than the smooth marble was to Love leave the architecture to the greek, my god, and don't bloody bare feet on fragments of my shattered heart that the ones before you ground to glittering dust follow not my path; I will not pave bloodstone, but rather marigolds. for marigolds are blooming suns that burst alive in the velvet sky; crystalline stars of burning passion. Swirling Van Gogh yellows will sweep you away with glittering shards of glass Ha! That's all we are And ever were: Brushstrokes and gemStones. The art Medium. Stars winking, remote and alone. Solitary titans, like those we used to be; or, perhaps, nebulas clusters like who we are now. Clinging to faint wisps of hope that this universe, this vast fresco of burning cyan and cushioned crimson, will one day take pity on us pitiful ones. and yet, statistically: space is more empty than full And even if we say otherwise, we are more empty than full, too. and so we are ever reaching, ever grasping: empty creatures striving to fill the void swallowing ground-up glass to make the stars to fill it can only do so much, we've learned that and the stars that aren’t bring blood from the walls of my throat as I try to choke them down i touch your cheek and Hope that all the Stars you've swallowed were real Because if they weren't, you'll be more broken than before And I, tattered as I am, will be left to glue together your pieces and plywood, sum of scraps, holds no candle to fine wine-stained cherry At the same time, too many metaphors leave sweet crumbs that scatter. Too many metaphors break us into idealized clay-footed statues, and we forget that we are only human in the end. Well, my love. I Believe we both Know the Time has come And so, dear one, adieu. The Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017 was written by: @drowntown @queenie_flower @X_of_Coins @Short_comedian @Hydra ’Liope @WanderingMonster @Beautifulgarbage @O. Captain @septemberskies_ @mouse @writeandleft @conradbirdie @Apollo's Lover @thepensword @Over the Rainbow @flamecoloredglowstick Thank you for contributing to this masterpiece. It has been really fun seeing how we all created the poem. I hope to continue collaborating with all of you this year. The next Collective Slam Poem will be hosted by @drowntown. May your 2018 cure your writers block! -Hydralio
  3. Community poem 1

    Awesome! @drowntown -Hydralio
  4. starfield

    I love this. the sounds are beautiful. I just want to wrap myself in your alliteration and vowel sounds. Your word choice makes the poem evoke pretty images and strong aromas and flavors. -Hydralio
  5. Much love for this community. :93_heart-computer:


  6. Community poem 1

    For the next community poem, starting in January (or whenever), I was thinking someone else should host it/set the guidelines, like when the poem will end, how contributors should format their submissions, poem themes, etc. Thoughts? Do you want to start the next one? I'll format the Nov/Dec poem that everyone has helped write as a single post once it's no longer December. Today is the last day to contribute to this poem. Thank you. Happy New Year!! -Hydralio
  7. Happy New Year friends!!


    1. queenie_flower


      Happy New Year, Hydralio!

  8. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Well, my love. I Believe we both Know the Time has come
  9. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Ha! That's all we are And ever were: Brushstrokes and gemStones. The art Medium.
  10. the ap stats final was a boiling tub of oil.

    1. conradbirdie


      im sorry, dude! at least now its over(?)

    2. Hydra ’Liope

      Hydra ’Liope

      Thanks. it didn't bring my grade down too much but I'm still sizzling.

    3. conradbirdie


      at least that means you can recover from it perfectly fine, yeah? good luck to you!

  11. Or rather, what /I/ will

    Just realized it was based on 12th night, which I'm not familiar with. looked up the synopsis and now I plan to read it. I have this faint memory of seeing this play ages ago. I like your storyline better though.
  12. Or rather, what /I/ will

    i fucking love this!! Great rhythm, i love the old-fashioned pacing. Feels like an epic or folk tale. Going to go read it again.
  13. Finals

    religions. religions of the world. ROW. Grades. I can fail this final. No worries. I think I got it. Study study. Late night study buddy. Library friends. Friend, get out of the house. College applica- tions. These grades matter. Keep my As please. Please. Keep them high. Study, Babe. Study. Statistics gonna get me. Hey what's the probability? what's my percentile? if we suck please curve this. On a normal curve what's my z score. Let me be in the 4th quartile. haha. remember to breathe. Chill. cold cool as the morning. ha! i got it. i think. study study. Nah I'm gonna chill. type B. Haven't even looked at psychology. fucking erikson's stages. incomplete. come back from unit tests. gonna haunt me. good environment. soon to be bad. endangered species. clear cut trees. global warming. stay warm while you drive. drowsiness is red alert. our planet is on red alert. tomorrow. day after. just this. just this. study study. biopsychosocial. conservation biology.
  14. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Oh, our sweet, Sweet vanity. Wearing your presence like rubies, garnets, our love was a fire opal.