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  1. Community poem 1

    Hey guys, So I was thinking we could all write a poem together as serious or as lighthearted as we would like. Basically each person would write one line of the poem. The only content rule I think would be to write your line deliberately. As for finishing the poem, maybe we can give it a time frame or a minimum number of contibutors. Like the poem will be complete after a month or complete once at least 15 different people have contributed. I would say it's ok to contribute more than once as long as authors are varied throughout the poem. Let me know what you guys think or feel free to start right off the bat. -Hydralio
  2. intro things :D

    what kind of music do you like?
  3. intro things :D

    A podcast sounds really cool! I'm curious about paganism and am doing a project on it for one of my classes. If you don't mind responding, what pagan tenets are most meaningful to you and what being a kemetic/hellenic pagan means? What celebrations/rituals and symbols are most meaningful to you? Why did you become pagan, and if you know, what attracts people to paganism? -Hydralio
  4. intro things :D

    I go through very (very) short guitar spurts but dont really play anything else. I sing in the car and in the shower though.
  5. intro things :D

    That's awesome! I have composed a few things for the piano, but haven't had made any time to in a looong while. Do you play any other instruments?
  6. intro things :D

    I've only been playing for a year, and while I enjoy playing the cello, have yet to find a piece or pieces I really enjoy playing. I'm mostly still working on technique and rhythm. Flicker's a cool name. what do you like to play?
  7. intro things :D

    What's your violin's name?? I'm still struggling to name my cello.
  8. Not This Shit Again (Always Unwanted)

    sending you some love
  9. The Everglades

    I love this!! beautiful imagery I really like how you use syntax to create the mood
  10. sycamore leaves rain over my car

    Sycamore leaves rain Over my car As I pull onto my street The lighting is uneven Bleeding through Holes in the clouds and the branches Mottled leaves fly up my windshield like snowflakes When I park I open the door and stay sitting So I can have a moment To feel and hear the wind
  11. things I've learned

    Things I've learned The past year--or maybe two I've come to realize a great many things about everything I guess it's fitting, given my age and my transition, my "phase" in life the period of time the history I'm living and leaving behind my maturing body, spirit, and mind, my peers and I are all morphing into different things filling molds and making them I've always heard the saying "happiness is a choice" and to a certain degree I know the reasoning behind this oversimplified statement--BUT the reality is so complicated because to someone in the "depths of despair" joy is a far away fantasy, a distant dream, like how nice complete democracy sounds to insurgents. it seems unattainable. If emotion where truly a choice would we ever not be ok? it isnt fair for people to scoff at your emotional diversity, intensity. as they've never marked a ballot that said "I want my mood to be governed by Mr. Happy." I know now: happiness is not a choice. But lifestyle is. I am amazed that despite the wrongness, atrocity, despair, somehow people still have will and something that keeps them driving, pushing, writing, sharing that despite the impossibility of fixing problems, the difficulty of saving lives, the attempts at spreading confidence, the struggle to starve hunger, people still work with all of their effort. Even with oppression, people still find a way to speak and to prevail. They pause their pleading and step up. We keep progressing. I've learned that people are resilient. I've seen how people are malleable. Propaganda is a weapon and fear and anger are horse blinders. The misconceptions and stubborn conservatism is palpable. I see how education is a tool and how learning 'stuff' makes you one. And what you learn and what you do with knowledge is like having useful wings, but getting grades is just having pretty feathers. Funny how we force the two go together. I see how personality goes a long way. how leaders attract their people. And how people forsake all their intelligence and their beliefs because of a grey area they think is a wall! <<sigh>> I see how everything lies not on what is but how it is said. I always worried about what I would do with my life. And Would it be meaningful. Would I live my life like an empty shell, a grey faced, success seeking, take whatever life gives you, always talking, working, never endeavoring, totally bored residue of a human society praises. It depressed me. Would I leave behind the world for myself. Selfish. Lazy. Would I shame my current self? It took a while, but allowing my thoughts to linger there was letting myself live like what I feared I'd become. I figure that it isn't so much about what you do. It's about the meaning you give it. And about how what comes out translates the effort you put into it. I figure as long as what I do is for the change I want, the gain I desire, and the things I want to maintain. It will matter. ___ this was a poem performed at a slam in April. should I post my a scan of my speaker notes? it has inflections and delivery notes/pauses written between lines
  12. intro things :D

    omigod. I love simon and garfunkel, green day, calle 13 too!
  13. College apps are stressful.

    A little bit fun, scary, confusing,

    but stressful.

  14. Invasion

  15. left hanging

    I think about you And sometimes I think you're too fragile I'm afraid of what I have done and what I might do And sometimes I think you're so strong I reason you'll be fine with whatever I do I know somewhere I'm deeply wrong An unsterilized needle puncture wound Look me in the eyes Tell me how I meant to you Tell me why after all those months Your sappy poetry and sweet button flower eyes I'm only an acquaintance again Why won't you look me in the eyes I still care about you Call me out on any of my follies But tell me something Are you hurting? Give me closure. I'll tell you anything you want to know about me. Cuz I liked it when we were closer. I know somehow I'm just making An unsterilized needle puncture wound I just wanted you to Tell me how I meant to you Tell me why after all those months Of sappy poetry and sweet confessional nights It was possible for us to drift so far apart Would you look me in the eyes again Were you hurting? Let's have closure. I'll tell you anything you want to know about me. But I'm glad that it's all over.