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  1. how to write a poem in ten easy steps

    This is awesome. I love how you used imagery and figurative language. The part about te scritch scratch of the quill really got to me. A suggestion would be to add more sensory detail (other than visual). I love this.
  2. poetry/imagination exercise

    So I went to the clouds and hails sprung down down clatters rock solid tiny pebbles of ice! On the windshield they hit like golf balls Oh but they are small bouncing like glass beads And then they're gone! melted sublimated I can't tell And then they're gone. Just the drizzle of a lazy rain and stuffy air. Note: Wrote this with the rules that I couldnt go back and fix anything or think about the next line for too long. Feel free to make critiques and suggestions. -Hydralio
  3. Hey guys, no one's added to the April Exquisite Corpse in a while....

    You should contribute something.

    It is National poetry month after all.



    1. queenie_flower


      Oh you right let me just write a line in like actual iambic pentameter which might take a bit bc I’ve got two tests to study for

  4. Exquisite Corpse: April 2018

    With you my soul forever feels such thrills
  5. Exquisite Corpse: April 2018

    Alright, so for this month, please write one line at a time in iambic pentameter with ABBAABBACDECDE rhyme scheme (then FGGFFGGF....) (basically petrarchan sonnet but it keeps going) last day to contribute is April 30th Happy National Poetry Month!! -Hydralio
  6. Exquisite Corpse March 2018

    I breathe looking up at all the water completely submerged I feel no pressure in my chest
  7. Dreams

    i had this dream a couple of nights ago where I was at the doctors office and I was going to get brain surgery (it's weird--just a heads up) so they call my name and I go up from the waiting room which is just a bench right next to this chair where they want me to sit I sit and they ask me routine questions like they do in doctor's offices I think then I remember they drilled holes in the top of my cranium (in retrospect around the top of the frontal lobe or somatosensory cortex) I could feel my head vibrate and it tickled kind of like the feeling you get in your feet when you skateboard on bumpy asphalt, but in my head and in a concentrated area they did three drillings to prepare for the surgery so that when they were ready they could drill the fourth hole and remove that section of my cranium I was nervous because I didn't want to be awake while they did the surgery (i thought they were going to do it right then and there) then they give me this contraption a rod with a flat rounded extension for me to hold the part of my cranium where they drilled down that way it wouldn't break out they send me to wait in a different waiting room with my cranium cracked open for a long time then I think my dream shifted ————————————————————— I think this dream was in response to an experience I had at the ER a few weeks ago for a bloody nose that lasted over three hours the night was a back and forth of waiting for the nurses to call me and not getting much help from them when they did
  8. urban hive

    this is awesome!!!!!!
  9. The Goldifish

    Critiques & suggestions appreciated
  10. The Goldifish

    The smell of plexiglass and sawdust Pieces of the wall strewn across the atrium Bare bones and wood Sick goldfish—a large growth on its head Poor thing alone under the rubble The baby fish saved from the debris get a good home—reception tank
  11. Ordinary People by Judith Guest

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have read Ordinary People by Judith Guest and what your opinion of it is. (I had a pretty bad experience with it and wanted to know how others responed to it. My teacher is crazy about the book and it makes me want to vomit.) Thanks, Hydralio
  12. roadside flora

    this is awesome its so rhythmic. have you thought about adding music?
  13. The Old Farm

    This is a great poem!