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  1. I took the SAT today and holy hell that was an experience

    1. hayfevered


      omfg.....i hated the sat the math was so awful....i ended up getting 1200 on the test :00000 also lemme tell u that paying the extra $15 for a detailed score report was worth it

    2. Short_comedian


      The math was awful, I will agree with you. I literally bubbled in random circles for 10 answers bc I had like 10 mins left and still had to do the grid-ins. I was also in sweats and the room was hotter than hell's balls so I was suffering. I had also taken my ADHD meds for the first time in almost a year, so I was having heart palpitations...I'm gonna stick with caffeine...

    3. hayfevered


      marshall dude oh my god


      love yourself