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  1. Logan suggested that I make a Logan-esque post about my experience making snow cones for 30 kids...Here we go.


    • Hot college girl that my aunt and uncle hired almost made me out myself. Holy shit, she was really hot.
    • I burned some sugar on the cotton candy machine. It turns out it was missing a part and never worked again, even when we got the missing part. Whoops.
    • Little kids do not. Forgive.  When you say there's going to be cotton candy but it doesn't work out.
    • However, if you offer unlimited snow cones, they'll forget about it for a little while.
    • The unknown red colored flavoring was a favorite. Something about the red dye?
    • Hot College Girl knows my sister. She's too old for me, lowering my risk of outing myself anytime soon.
    • Little kids will back up twenty steps if it means getting their snow cones. Even the ones that can't count.
    • To little kids, short hair+cargo shorts = guy.  I didn't correct them. Not once.
    • Why do little kids like scaring frogs? Frogs are just sunbathing. No need to scare them. Let them sunbathe for christs sake put down the stick 
    • say douche bag one more time and not only will I not give you anymore snow cones but I'll ban you from the bouncy house you 5th grade piece of shit
    • Yes, 11th grade is a lot harder than 1st grade
    • Ran out of the paper cups, so I gave a kid a plastic one that came with the maker with instructions to give it back. No one ever saw it again.
    • One 3rd grade girl came with an iphone. She got a minimal amount of cotton candy and left the party.
    • One kid kept looking for drinks in the cooler of ice for the machine.
    • There was a polite little smartass of a 4 year old who forgot where the front door was. I wanted to babysit him so bad but he lives in a different state.
    • His sister came back to the machine like 5 times.
    • I had to tell 5 kids "No, don't touch the machine. This is my job. Yours is to have fun"
    • I stumbled. My mom laughed and asked "Too much to drink?" I replied, having made snow cones for hyperactive kids for the past three hours, completely deadpan "Not enough to drink"
    • My 2 year old cousin made me chase him for two hours straight after the party was over. I am never going to be an elementary school teacher.
    • @drowntown is very helpful in keeping what's left of my sanity.
    1. hayfevered


      hsdkghskdfjsdf brabe im crying you left out considering to threaten the fifth grade piece of shit with a stick as per my recommendation