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  1. On Old Exes, New Hopes, and Moving On

    I still look for her laughing in the crowds But I can no longer find her The way I used to She's the first laugh I look for, After all this time. But He walked in And she was no longer my first laugh He was my jaw dropping My hand hurriedly extending- Reaching not for his ticket, But his heart. He reached for me And we danced the night away Eyes opened wide Memorizing every detail Lest the world rips us away too soon And we find ourselves blind. She is no longer my first laugh- He is my new hope My ticket to moving on God, his smile His root beer Dum-Dum eyes That razor sharp jaw. Please, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Director and playwright, Please don't let these curtains close just yet- Our story has just begun.
  2. Looking ahead/Checking in

    I'm really gonna miss the print editions...Will we still be able to order older editions in print?
  3. That "Wonderful" Time of Year Again

    The days are getting shorter, And so is my temper. Nights are getting longer and darker, My mind keeps me up for every second The exhaustion is getting to my head and grades And my heart pounds against my binder as my anxiety soars. Author's note: Ugh, seasonal depression...
  4. Modern Day Albert Cashier

    I can be a modern day Albert Cashier Fighting for myself and my Brothers In Arms Mile after mile, day after day I can be a Bullet In a Gun Pull my trigger and watch me fly If he can take lead bullets flying while hiding His chest without a binder I can wait a few more years My Brothers in Arms- We'll survive and thrive We'll be our Perfect Home. I'll be a modern day Albert Cashier Be a self made man and fight for my body Be a Bullet In a Gun. Author's note: Not my best, but fell in love with The Civility of Albert Cashier and had to write this. Y'all should check out the soundtrack (at least, what songs they've put out)
  5. Nathaniel's Last Bow (Still in progress)

    Here was (is?) a man who walked among the stars of Broadway A man who sprinkled us in pixie dust and taught us to soar Lit a burning, glowing spark in our singing hearts But now his show is over The curtain is calling His ovation Awaits Author's note: So, this is to my director who is leaving...Still a work in progress.
  6. Not This Shit Again (Always Unwanted)

    Normally I'm happy When my voice deepens But this time, It's because I'm trying not to cry. Because when they said no, I was transported back to elementary school, Middle school, even, To the reason why I hate group projects. Because every time, No matter how many friends I had, They all decided I wasn't good enough. I wasn't smart enough, Wasn't popular enough, Just wasn't enough. So now I'm sitting here, stressing about this group project I have to do Without a group. Author's note: Sorry this isn't of my usual quality. It's been a rough day.
  7. Happy by Day, Shattered by Night

    Wow, this is powerful! I love it!
  8. A Lost Boy's Christmas List

    A Bucket of coins to sort through (Money for my transition) A set of dumbbells (Biceps pumped full of testosterone) Leather bi fold wallet (I know you're gonna botch this up with a feminine wallet and southern ideals) Andele or Spitfire skateboard bearings (fast, like the hate rolling off your tongues) Vans and Hollister gift cards (God knows you'd get me dresses) Broadway merch and tickets (My voice is heard somewhere) Gameboy color pokemon yellow (At least Professor Oak knows I'm a boy) Leather dress belt (Bound to gender roles) Plague for PC (Because at least being trans isn't a disease)
  9. The Tree and I

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces I've read here on the slam. Fantastic job!
  10. intro things :D

    I'm Marshall. I've been here for-Jesus Christ has it really been almost 4 years? Wow. I'm a pansexual demiboy (There's a whole nother mess of labels but those are in my bio if you're really curious) and I've grown up here. I'm such a sucker for music in general I'm really not very picky. It's so awesome to finally meet you outside of reading all your stuff!
  11. i am not haunted by the dead

    Oh my god this hit home so hard. Sending strength bro,
  12. nanowrimo excerpt

    Yesss! I love it! Can't wait to read it! (with the way this "submit reply" button isn't working, I'm really missing the CaptchaBeast.)
  13. Sometimes We Don't Get To Say Goodbye

    I logged on yesterday To find the update was in progress I never got to say goodbye to the old Slam The yellow and maroon so simplistic So homely and warm Sometimes we just don't get to say goodbye.
  14. Some tips

    So-I keep having to sign in over and over again? And it's not really letting me submit replies...Thanks for working so hard on this website for us!
  15. I don't know enough about this update to have any judgement on it yet, but I am feeling just a little nostalgic for the old format.

  16. How To Write Poetry

    Step one Feel an emotion Let it consume you entirely If it hurts Let it hurt until your scream pierces the air If its happiness Let it make you smile until you no longer can Just Whatever you do Don't let go. Step two push your pen into your skin and let it draw blood Put your pen to paper And let your blood flow endlessly As your pain slowly fades As your happiness glows brighter Don't stop until you're done.
  17. The Return of A Hero

    He held him close The way a mother holds a child after a school fire And he didn't let go No Not for a while. Because the last time he did It was a whole 3 months before he saw Jason again. So he held on tight to his little brother Who was scarred from so many battles fought So many battles lost So many battles won A wave of relief hit him A tsunami of solace to the heart Oh god, Little brother, You're alive. So Jason of the Argonauts returned Safe at port once more Safe in his brother's arms The two brothers joke "dude, we're not talking my definition of 'legal'" "your definition of legal?" "I...may have some questionable morals..." "What morals?" Arms on each other's shoulders They stroll down the hallway Celebrating Jason's return And the reunion of Apollo's Forgotten Sons
  18. For Nick

    Nick, This is for you. I've met a thousand people Read a thousand lines. You've made such an impact on my ife Where the hell are you? I've found the last poem you posted. It's almost a year old. It's called "in my head" And posted on June 23rd, 2015. Where are you? BROTHER CAN YOU HEAR ME BROTHER where are you? Are you ok? You left us on a cliffhanger, Please come back. We need you and the words that flowed from your head We need you. Come back. Please, brother, Come back. come back.
  19. Rainbow Soup (Intro)

    A splash of me A dash of you A pinch of her A bit of him And a whole serving of rainbow soup Red We served our community Orange We laughed together Yellow We bonded over triumphs and failures Green We talked about fighting back Blue Friends we became Purple We are the ingredients to this rainbow soup We put it in a pot Let it simmer for a few years As it grew richer in flavor We are Rainbow soup This is a book of tales following 4 high school friends in their adventures through adulthood. Through high school and college, the rainbow soup simmered and became family.
  20. A Word I Carry In My Pocket

    There's a word I carry in my pocket But I keep it hushed up Sheathed Until I need it most It's got a sharp edge, My word does It can fight the most vile monsters of my head It keeps my back straight My head up high It sails me through the toughest of seas It steadies my shaking hand The word in my pocket is a sword called courage May it never leave me
  21. "There's something wrong with you"

    i like this piece, but please remember to use proper trigger warnings!
  22. 8 Glasses of Firewater

    When Keegan asks me, “How drunk is mom, on a scale of one through ten?” I reply “eight” Eight for Eight shots of tequila Eight times I was ready to call an ambulance Eight times we swerved on our way home Eight people I whispered my silent goodbyes to Eight times I begged you to let Dad drive Eight times I was ready to die, Eight pleading looks at my father, Eight glasses of firewater.
  23. 8 Glasses of Firewater

    When Keegan asks me, “How drunk is mom, on a scale of one through ten?” I reply “eight” Eight for Eight shots of tequila Eight times I was ready to call an ambulance Eight times we swerved on our way home Eight people I whispered my silent goodbyes to Eight times I begged you to let Dad drive Eight times I was ready to die, Eight pleading looks at my father, Eight glasses of firewater.
  24. Speak English

    Oh. My. God. You just took the words out of my mouth. Thats exactly how I feel! And I understand sarcasm/but only in theory and I understand/metaphors but only in books and I understand /people but only when I can map their arcs like/waves in my head. Thats exactly why my friends have to tell me when they're being sarcastic.