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  1. Or rather, what /I/ will

    Thank you so much!! I was inspired by a production I saw a couple of weekends ago; I'm just Super Gay for Lady Olivia and I just had to write something for that.
  2. Or rather, what /I/ will

    my ears hear waves, and shouting, and then silence. and then there is the beach, and captain, too and clad in trousers and quick wit, i go stride forth into this land illyria. the duke is kind, when he does not forget. love weighs, like wine, heavy upon his mind, and to self-same effect, all things admitted once i the lady see, i understand. i say some shame at this, but none too far for clear as day she’s brushed aside the duke. if heaven had sent angels to this land, olivia is of their chosen house. olivia! fair heavens bless her crown, cry joy at her joys, rain with her sorrows. (she chased me with a ring, and urged a promise and honest as was made i did fulfil: we met again, oh, very happy met!) when flights of fancy do pervade my bliss, pity strikes me for poor, forlorn orsino affections spurned, turned to the one he sent to tell his love; she kisses me again waves, then shouting, and then, dread silence then antonio, and daring rescue then, clad in trousers and quick wit, i go into this strange coast, toward illyria there is a challenge made as from my lady’s --oh, i but wished to one day be thus blessed to say “my lady” (and i to be hers)-- to yet contracted master’s court i strode he follows me, fool pirate, fool in love and places in my palms his purse and wallet, and his life (his life! he should not be seen here! illyria's his enemy!) a brave competitor was promised i, (this promise unfulfilled to point of hearsay) it went like this: we saw the other’s face and like children, we both did run off screaming and out with purse and wallet (and with life) into the duke orsino’s land i go and meet with someone else’s duel, someone like i in feature must it be. (perhaps... i’ve not a challenge of my own yet heard, dare i to hope it could be drown’d viola?) i to my lord orsino’s house did flee and in the interim came ‘pon the knight and a strange man, who called me brother’s name and hence did save my life and beg his purse i lost him, somehow, in the thick of life antonio, not at the inn as promised the worst fear flickers yet in my gay heart twere not for me he would not dare to be here! my lady asks of me to wed her promptly oh heart, i can but hope she’ll not regret my part-deception; i shall tell her ere we plan to fast my heart, my hands, to hers. i came upon a lady that did ask after our marriage, one i quick forgot perhaps because the marriage was not mine is drown’d viola here, and wed this lady? i made good haste to the duke’s home, to cancel my contract in his house before my wedding and there came again upon my savior this pirate they have called antonio who called me by my brother’s moniker the lady did henceforth take me away and to the duke’s estate, and there he was antonio, his life yet in my palms! and there’s viola too, alive, not drown’d! oh! oh! sebastian, safe, alive, undrowned! and he does recognize antonio lady olivia, eyes bathed in light we tell her truths together, we two halves oh, seas are merciful as none have told! my sister, living, breathing, thus employed i look to lady, duke, to pirate dear and we tell truths together, halves made whole never a sister did my mother bear my mother has yet to bear me a brother and have our fathers ever shared a name? from self-same womb we came; it should be thus my lady, ere you wed me, hear my piece: i am viola, this my twin, sebastian some month hence, in a storm, our ship did break and on the shore, i found myself alone i did endeavor to find work, and found’t in duke orsino’s court, through whose employ i came to meet my dear your ladyship, and fell in love, if in love you will have me and to be wed, if be wed you will let me antonio, and others gathered here now do hear me, sebastian, speak my fate: i, too, shipwrecked upon that fated voyage. antonio did find me on the shore, and brought me here to bold illyria, tho’ hangman’s noose here weighs upon his shoulders and while i’ve cause to yet hold still my tongue my heart yearns to profess as sister hast, oh, dear antonio, whose life yet rests in both my palms, as you have left it, now take mine in yours, and take my hands forthwith. i’ve heard tales tell that pirates do love rings. ---- [Author's Note: Here it is! Written in iambic pentameter, as it should be.]
  3. This morning I spent actual time doing a classpect analysis of Iago and I'm proud but also disappointed in myself for actually for real doing Homestuck analysis on an actual book character.

  4. pen names!

    My first pen name, Nevermore Quill, came from this old forum; I've always loved "The Raven" so that's where I got Nevermore, and my best friend went by the moniker Ink, so I eventually added Quill. My name now comes from "O captain, my captain," and is also a nod to my chosen name.
  5. *finger guns* dialogue

    I was going to comment but then forgot but now I'm coming back to comment for real and the saved text was just "oh boy" and I think that just about sums it up. Neat pesterlog through, I do like the interaction between KA and TT.
  6. I came up with a very gay fix-it for Twelfth Night, one day I'll make it into a poem or a short story and maybe I'll share it here.

    1. woundedBirds


      omfg y ES


    2. conradbirdie


      dude 12th night is one of my faves, its practically begging to be made more gay then it already is, i wish you luck writing this bound-to-be masterpiece! 

  7. that time he called me his bear

    I just love these lines so much, I love the imagery.
  8. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Would kisses rend you, tear heart-flesh from rib-cage?
  9. Hearthfire in the Heart of Winter

    I know that which the heart of winter be O, longest month of cold and quiet death Hearthfire is the winter’s heart I see With snow, with hail! The winter falls on thee The sun hath gone and leaves us all bereft I know that which the heart of winter be Come night! Come dark! Come cold, over the sea! Come family! Fireplace has been swept! Hearthfire is the winter’s heart I see Oh, deathly cold that knoweth not mercy! Please save those men who savor their last breath I know that which the heart of winter be Underneath stars and sky and steaming tea The fire-light flares to at night’s onset Hearthfire is the winter’s heart I see I say the lord of winter has told me, Winter is not a cold and quiet death I know that which the heart of winter be Hearthfire is the winter’s heart I see [Author's note: I really love writing villanelles, and it's been a while since I've written one. The compounding of "hearthfire" and "fireplace" are intentional.]
  10. Capitalization

    I tend to alternate between using no capital letters and using proper capitalization. Sometimes I'll capitalize words to personify them, in either form.
  11. social media

    my tumblrs (for writing) are ocaptainauthor and captain-ocaptain; I have a much more personal tumblr, but I'd rather not give that out on here, if I know you reasonably well you can ask off anon on either of those blogs.
  12. Tygress, part ii

    i hope that whatever you've been up to is serving you well on that high precipice of uptown, black-gowned-musician in upside-down-school, (Do you wake up and miss me? Did three years pass in instants? Were you happy, then? Are you, now?) i thought you were the greatest, a long time ago, when we'd fight until bells rang and we'd steal each other's lockers and talked about boys (I remember that, still. Embarrassing, really. I'd go back and do it again, even that bit, if we'd get to stay in touch.) i... i did write poetry, and that might've been the most embarrassing of it; i do not wear bitterness well but poetry is (my) blood (You're not going to hear this. Read this, whatever. But I'm writing it for you anyway, because the last Bitter poison needs to go.) i haven't seen you in three years, next september; only difference is, this time, you didn't vanish i hope that whatever you've been up to that's serving you well Is something I get to get up to, too. [Author's note: This is a rather rough draft; I've spent the past week starting on a book about vampires, surprise surprise, so I haven't been able to write much else. This is for my ex-best friend, who was the first person to break my heart. I spent a while being bitter, but it's time to let that go.]
  13. Collective Slam Poem: Nov/Dec 2017

    Each bone glittering, osteoblast gemstones, blood like red dye number eight tattooed over R#3 hued muscle
  14. I'm drawing some tarot cards today; I might stream me drawing them later. Would anybody like to watch the stream?

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    2. woundedBirds


      i think join.me works?? but thats all i got sdkgjsfjs sorry

    3. O. Captain

      O. Captain


      Sorry, I already finished streaming! :/
      I might post the cards eventually though!

    4. mouse


      dude, would love to see them!!

  15. how many animals cry over the dead? when they eat the bodies, is it mourning? do they have gods; do they debate their existence? are their languages capable of sarcasm? did wooly mammoths tell jokes to each other like in Ice Age? what do they call each other? what’s a lion to a bear? do they know the ecosystem the same way we do? will they stop eating when the ground cannot take it? do they teach their young respect for their world? for their prey? what would a dog tell us if it could talk? can they still hear the planet screaming? could we ever hear? would we have been better off if bonobos were our ancestors? is it wise to keep looking deeper into the sea? will we find aliens before we find every species on our planet? how long will the planet last, anyway? would octopi write manifestos on ethics or dungeons and dragons campaigns? how closely related to earthly cephalopods are those aliens from Arrival? if we can weave with spider silk, can we write with octopus ink?